Alfa Romeo Owners' Club of NSW
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What you need as the driver

AROCA Club Membership Card

To participate in a Supersprint event you must be a financial member of the Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club of Australia (NSW), Inc. You will be required to present your membership card to the organisers of each Supersprint event on the day of the event.

If you are not yet a member of AROCA, the membership application form is available from our Membership page.

If you are a new member or intending to join, allow time for your application to be processed and your membership card to be sent to you.

CAMS Drivers' Licence

To participate in a Supersprint event you must also have a CAMS licence which, again, you will be required to present to the organisers of each Supersprint event on the day of the event.

The minimum licence you must have is what’s called a “Level 2S” licence.

If you intend to only participate in Supersprint events, this is the licence for which you should apply.

If, however, you are intending to participate in other levels of motor sport, you may wish to apply for a higher level of licence, although higher level licences are more expensive and involve additional eligibility requirements including proof of driver training and medical checks.

A Level 2S licence can be obtained by printing and completing the application form from the CAMS website at Post the form and your payment to CAMS.

If this is your first licence, you may also need to provide a passport style photo – check with CAMS before applying.

Allow at least two weeks for processing and your licence to be sent to you.

Clothing and Footwear

At a Supersprint event, a driver must wear clothing that is both:

  1. made of non- flammable material (no synthetics); and
  2. covers you from neck to wrist to ankle.

Both of these requirements apply also to your footwear, which must be closed-in shoes or boots (no synthetics, thongs or sandals).

It is not necessary at a Supersprint event to wear a driving suit – jeans and cotton long sleeved shirts are acceptable.

Shoes of leather or canvas construction are acceptable, or driving shoes/ boots if you prefer.

Joggers are acceptable provided they are not synthetic. Check them carefully though as sometimes the soles can be too wide for effective pedal operation.


To participate in a Supersprint event you must have a helmet. Your helmet must comply with:

  1. Australian Standard AS1698 (the same standard for road use on motorcycles) or;
  2. International equivalents which are Snell Helmet Standards SA95, SA 2000 and SA2005, European e22 (with 2003, 2004, or 2005 amendments) and British Standard BS 6658-85 Type A and A/FR (including all amendments) (refer to the CAMS Manual or other international equivalents).

Your helmet may be open or full face style.
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