Photo gallery: 2020 2 Presidents Run

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2021 Feb Presidents Run
A wonderful coast to the highlands route
Modified Fri, 12th March 2021

2021 March Bathurst
Alfa drive to lunch at Tremain’s Mill Bathurst
Modified Mon, 8th March 2021

2021 March West Head
Twilight Run & Dinner
Modified Fri, 12th March 2021

Club Runs
Images of the organised regular club runs
Modified Sat, 18th April 2020

Supersprint 2 Feb 2020
Supersprinting is the entry point into motorsport. See some of our members giving it a go, having fun and learning along the way - Images taken buy Bruno Ferro
Modified Sun, 3rd May 2020

Images of our Motorsport events
Modified Mon, 8th March 2021

VRA/AROCA Driver Training Day 14 Feb 2020
A great and cheap form of driver training you can get and is ideal preparation for Supersprinting. The instructors at AROCA training days are fellow Alfa racers and so are ideally placed to teach you driving techniques and give you handy hints on car preparation. For the next driver training day check the upcoming events. Images by Bruno Ferro
Modified Sat, 2nd May 2020

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