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Preparing you - the driver

Driver training

It is true that if you are licensed to drive a motor vehicle in Australia, you are capable of driving a car around a race circuit. What is also true is that the driving technique on a
race circuit is different from the technique you use on public roads.

So whilst it is not mandatory for you to complete some form of driver training prior to starting Supersprinting, we highly recommend it.

Here there are some options.

AROCA may host a driver training day each year depending on track availability. This is probably the cheapest form of driver training you can get and is ideal preparation for Supersprinting. The instructors at AROCA training days are fellow Alfa racers and so are ideally placed to teach you driving techniques and give you handy hints on car preparation. For the next driver training day check the upcoming events.

Alternatively, commercial trainers operate at most race circuits. You can check them out through the circuit’s website.
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