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There are just 2 words that describe the purpose of 'The Cup' and the people we hope will participate .. those words are Equal and Economic. People that like to 'push the envelope' with vehicle modifications outside of 'The Cup' Regs will find themselves out of step

The creation of 'The Cup' is fairly straight forward in many respects and whilst Equal and Economic pretty much sums it up there are other factors – not the least of which is the growing challenge of suitable 105 and 116 cars being available, the sourcing of spares for those cars, the cost of maintaining them and the growing value of those cars in the general marketplace.

Alongside this is the 'relative affordability' of the 147, 156, GTV and Spider Twin Spark cars and a ready supply of used parts.

What about those doing or considering being in involved in SuperSprints (SS)?

Make no mistake, the creation of the Regulations for 'The Cup' has SS people absolutely at the heart.

By introducing the Regulations we have created a 'road map' for the SuperSprint journey – from Road to SuperSprint to Regularity to Race (The Cup)

We don't want anyone to do is waste money developing a car for SS or Regularity and then finding that their car does not comply with The Cup Regulations or CAMS Regulations. (eg roll cage)

Everything is a stepping stone and can be done at your own pace and within a known budget … one or more steps at a time.

A good Twin Spark can be purchased for under $4000 (a lot less if you buy a NSW Stat Write Off where there may be minimal damage – and we have proved that to be case already)

One of the critical aspects of these cars …. for Road or Track it doesn't matter …. Is that the TIMING BELT and WATER PUMP must have been changed 'recently' ie as scheduled.

Pick up the 'right' road registered car for say $4000 and come SuperSprinting …. No mods no nothing just hit the track and have fun and develop your car from that point !

What budget do I need to have a full race car configuration? Remember only MANDATORY race mods will be those required by CAMS

We believe the car, full state level cams roll cage, The Cup Regulation suspension mods, exhaust and tyres can definitely be achieved for UNDER $10,000 – the first 147 was done for UNDER $6000 as the car was a NSW Stat Write Off – and that included a Timing Belt and Water Pump change.

We encourage you to contact any one of the Steering Group for NSW:

  • Richard McKee – 0419 267 998
  • Brad Wilson – 0412 312 422
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